Sunday, April 23, 2006


As you read this, someone in Greece is suffering for your entertainment. Bill Barounis, founder of Onar Films, is painstakingly adding the finishing touches to a DVD presentation which became a nightmare task of Herculean proportions – somewhat ironic considering the film in question stars three of the world’s most enduring Super Heroes.

3 DEV ADAM (or 3 MIGHTY MEN) - an immensely enjoyable Turkish production from 1973 - features a reasonable facsimile of Mexican Masked Marvel Wrestler EL SANTO, teaming up with the Star-Spangled CAPTAIN AMERICA on a mission that boldly infringes all manner of copyrights. Together they battle Your Friendly Neighbourhood SPIDER-MAN, who for reasons unexplained has grown massively hairy eyebrows and is terrorizing Istanbul. Decidedly less amiable than his American counterpart, Turkish Spidey loves to torture his victims in imaginative ways - inviting his girlfriends along to enjoy a good chuckle with him. Reversing a motorboat into an unfortunate young lady buried in the sand, or shooting guinea pigs down a plastic tube to chow down on a petrified individual – it’s par the course for the wacky web-slinger.

The film has been familiar to cult movie fans for many years, especially after coverage in Pete Tombs’ highly influential MONDO MACABRO, but until now it’s only been available on virtually unwatchable, washed out bootleg copies.

Despite a series of heinous setbacks (detailed in a blow by blow account on Onar's website), an exhaustive search has uncovered the best quality source material available. A limited edition disc will be unleashed in May, including a fistful of trailers, interviews and promotional art - best of all, the film will be subtitled in English for the very first time!!. Feel free to frisbee all those nasty bootlegs out the window, as overnight this will become the only worthwhile way to witness such an incredible example of demented pop-cinema!

Onar are "humbly positive that the sales will be gigantic if not phenomenal...
Seriously now, the bitter truth is that sales will be tragic, but it's also true that ONAR FILMS will never be daunted nor restrained and will always be CRAZY ENOUGH TO RELEASE SUCH FILMS WHETHER THE MAJORITY LIKES IT OR NOT

Read the story so far, and get in the queue by clicking the cover below. Excelsior!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't see it, i've seen screenshots of it and it's gonna suck!

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Blogger Poptique said...

Cheers for the thought Anonyman - but I've seen the DVD and it doesn't. Suck, that is...

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