Wednesday, May 31, 2006

3 DEV ADAM - tremble with trepidation at Poptique's Righteous Review!!

Attentive Poptiquers, (with memories stretching back at least a month), will agree we’ve all been eagerly anticipating the latest release from Onar Films - Turkish Mondo masterpiece, 3 Dev Adam. I need not remind you of the contentious combination contained therein - the world’s mightiest heroes, Captain America and El Santo together for the first (and last) time! I shouldn’t have to repeat their nefarious nemesis is Spider-Man – the original wacky webslinger, now Istanbul’s most downright dastardly evildoer!

Well, 3 Dev Adam has arrived and can confidently claim to be just the sort of stellar release I expected. It was a tough task, but Onar’s hard work has paid off and their passion for the film is palpable.

The print quality isn’t great, but it's still leaps and bounds above any available bootleg – anyone familiar with this genre will have witnessed far, far worse. Let’s not forget this is a lost film – no known negatives, prints or first generation copies exist - so an eminently watchable, full length and subtitled DVD is good enough for me.

It’s ludicrous, hell-for leather, two-fisted fun - a sexed up Turkish take on the 60s Batman TV show. Rough around the edges, but with a genuine comic book appeal, it lives up to the legendary reputation - something a jaded schlock-hound like myself all too often finds not to be the case.

The presentation is superb - this is where disc becomes a definitive purchase for fans of International cult movies and especially Turkish cinema. Alongside stills, lobby cards, bios and filmographies are a brace of unique trailers. These include Demir Yumruk Devler Geliyor, a 60s Turkish Superman featuring a severely funky theme and an army of bikini-clad Girl-bots, atmospheric Gothic Horror Oluler Konusmaz Ki, and a deviously surreal Giallo - Aska Susayanlar Seks Ve Cinayet (Thirsty For Love, Sex & Blood!).

Best of all are the subtitled interviews, generously supplied by expert exponents Mondo Macabro, from their documentary on Turkish Pop Cinema. Rather than a few minutes of chat, they’ve pretty much handed over the complete rushes – 90 mins with three figures straight talking about the greatest era in Turkish exploitation! Where else can you see stuff like this?

At the end of the day though, isn’t this just some manky old rip off from the depths of forgotten film history, fit only for scorn and mocking laughter?

Well, no. Aside from being enthusiastically performed and immensely enjoyable, this is a true slice of social history. An astounding affiliation, illustrating how Popular Pulp Fiction from all over the world can be interpreted, enjoyed and embraced by different audiences and cultures.

That, and a speedboat reversing into someone’s face before the opening credits have even rolled.

Your very own copy of this limited edition disc can be ordered through a wide variety of online retailers, including Xploited Cinema and HKflix, directly at Onar Films or on eBay.


Blogger Nick Frame said...

Cool flick and nice DVD package! Looking forward to the Horror/Giallo double bill.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Poptique said...

Me too - although that Turkish Superman combo looks mighty promising too...

2:44 AM  

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