Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Arrgh! Work! Wait. Good.
Poptique Hoover's Up

Non-stop fun here - no break from things to make, do and wrestle with. Sometimes best to get your head down and plough in. Finding a suitable soundtrack for slogging is a big help.

A newly arrived album proved to be a very poor way to start a day at the grindstone, but after swift removal, slaving became a palpable pleasure due to Hoover's Ooover's Collection (via random play).

First saw Hoover's Ooover on the great Adam & Joe go Tokyo. Lovely stuff.

And they've got a new album coming out. Their last one was pretty good too.

Hoover's Ooover. I like typing it even more than I like saying it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoover's Ooover, huh? I like it. Nice find.

12:18 PM  

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