Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cult45 Field Day.

Hmmmm. What's this? Could it be something to do with the project that's been keeping me away from the Poptique blog & has so far proved to be one of the most hair-pullingly stressful, nail-bitingly niggling, incredibly rewarding &, quite frankly, unbelievably brilliant experiences I've had in a very long time?

Mmmm, could be.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Here's a heads up for Kung Fu fans and Chop-sockey connoisseurs in the London area over the next month: the NFT has got a stack of Shaw Brothers on offer, along with a fistful of other gems.

It's a repeat performance for the Heroic Grace season, which did the rounds back in 2004. Myself and assorted acquaintances caught a hearty double bill of 36 Chambers of Shaolin teamed with Return to the 36 Chambers back then, and the beauties on offer this year assure at least a couple of bee-lines to the BFI over the next few weeks.

Highlights include Liu Chia-Liang's My Young Auntie, Legendary Weapons of China and the peerless Dirty Ho, plus The Five Venoms, New One-Armed Swordsman, Jackie Chan's always-a-pleasure Police Story and a brace of Bruce Lee. (All subbed rather than dubbed, by the looks of things).

Also worth looking out for this month: a short season of 70s British grindhousey horror featuring Dracula AD 1972, Vampyres, Death Line and wacky biker- zombie epic Psychomania, with George Sanders and Beryl Reid as amphibian admiring Satanists! (check out a limited edition release of the rarer than rare trashy soundtrack here!)

If none of that floats your proverbial boat, there's always Powell & Pressburger's beautiful A Canturbury Tale near the end of the month - virtually guaranteed to get you all misty-eyed for England and hollering “Yay!” (or maybe that’s just me…) .