Friday, June 15, 2007

Fan Four Friday.

Remember when comic book movies were a novelty? Back in 1989, (when I was still a genuine wee nipper) everyone went Batman flippin loopy after Warners huzzed out Tim Burton's initial effort. Such was the unprecedented hype it was like Christmas had come early, mumbled "I'm Batman" and proceeded to kick some scumbag in their yuletide nut sack.

These days the average comic book fan can afford to be a bit blasé about super hero movies, since they're getting to be ten a penny. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer pops up this week, and to be honest despite my love of the original books I can easily contain myself. The first one was a reet ropey spectacle for anyone over the age of 14 and although fairly positive reviews are rolling in for the sequel I'm not yet convinced. Sorry to say, I seem to find the majority of the blockbuster season more and more resistible with each new year... (Although Transformers looks pretty solid and Live Free Die Hard hilarimoose).

Based on the classic Lee & Kirby Galactus trilogy that spanned Fantastic Four 48 thru 50 back in 1966, (as well as some chunks for a slightly later plot when cheeky old Doctor Doom nabbed the Surfer's cosmic powers for a bit), the same story was also adapted the following year in the Fantastic Four cartoon series from Hanna-Barbera.

Misty-eyed nostalgia for random 1980s showings of this animated version led me inevitably to Youtube, where all & sundry can witness it's wonders (or lack of them...).

Proof positive that you can't go back - in fact, if anything it almost makes me want to give the new one the time of day. Half price Wednesday screening? It's a possibilty... ;)

(btw fact fans - did you know that none other than Bill Murray played Johnny Storm in a short-lived 70s radio show? Supposedly, he did - according to some wag on Wiki).

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Yup - summer is coming, but unfortunately today's planned shoot to kick off Cult45's final week of production has been postponed due to a badly timed bout of late spring flu on the part of my ultra-capable cameraman. Can't be helped - although with time as tight as it is, it's heartbreaking for another gorgeous sunny day location filming to pass us by...

Ah well, not all doom and gloom, best to get one's head down and carry on - with a soundtrack courtesy of the Charlotte Hatherley, ex-member of Ash who's recent output has been on a constant loop in Poptique towers the past week.

Marvellous stuff - accompanied by some meritorious music videos by Hot Fuzz's Edgar Wright and Adam & Joe's Joe Cornish (respectively). Better quality versions of the vids can be viewed on Miss Haterley's own website. toodles!