Monday, September 08, 2008


This past couple of days I fulfilled a year long promise to lend a hand in producing an episode of the always entertaining Ohdearyme Blag Blog by the one and only Becki Burrows, which meant a trip down to the coast and across the waves to the Isle of Wight to attend Bestival. It just so happened to occur on one of the most water-logged weekends of the summer I might add, complete with rumors of the main stage sinking into the depths of a muddy hell...

Beavering away backstage bagging and blagging interviews whilst dodging downpours, I managed catch snippets of The Specials, Gary Numan, Grace Jones and the inevitable wheeling out of Winehouse, not to mention a healthy portion of Hot Chip (wisely all shots of me grooving like a goon to them were excised from the completed video). It was at this point I dropped my trusty mobile into the mud and had to rummage around in an ankle-deep caramac-coloured puddle to locate the thing - which has unsurprisingly remained somewhat buggered since.

Eventually the weather proved to be quite enough for me and I wisely retired to my warm and dry hotel room whilst everyone else partied until dawn. Rest assured, I was awoken at the crack to recover our two-man crew who were wandering the streets of Sandown suitably dazed and confused.

Despite the often torrential nature of the deluge it still proved to be a giggle I thought it would be - props the ever-reliable Vincent Tempest, the tremendous Tom Wright, Marina Pol, Harriet Walker and the producer/presenter herself, the ever charming Miss Burrows, who we look forward to working with again in the near future! ;)