Friday, February 13, 2009


Poptique was commissioned this January to produce some Valentine's Day eCards for

Once again we went straight to the winning duo of animators Ginny & Garth to create a clutch of eCards that would appeal to a wide spectrum of starry-eyed sentimentalists and cold-hearted humbuggers alike!

Animated by Ginny Robertson, the Valentine Love Bunnies feature a clutch of romantic rabbits popping up to wave hearts, call up your loved one and holler those three magic words down the phone! You can tailor the message depending on your relation- ship (very helpful) and even paste your mug into the video to make it even more heartfelt - or horrorific!

Talking of horror, we also knocked out an Anti-Valentine versio
n, just incase our cute critters proved too much for potential Cardfishers. This one is a bit of a Valentine Day's Massacre, with the bunnies gunning down the plane you pilot and meeting a slightly gory end to boot...

Garth Jones tackled our other eCard concept - the tale of a corpulent Cupid too heavy to deliver your chosen gift. He crashes to earth and calls up your partner to give them the news - a romantic way to pass the buck!

Five versions are available - each with different gifts for Cupid to carry, plus a change of message depending on who the card is going to...