Thursday, July 22, 2010


How do - I'm far away a particularly interesting location, surrouded by several hundred thousand overly-excited people carry massive swag bags.

More on that to follow, but for the time being, here's my latest reel. Lucky you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In this day & age of sweaty-palmed viral marketing it's refreshing to see a distributor resolutely refuse to jump onto the bacterium buildup band-wagon.

Whilst Universal Pictures may have been happy to fork out the funds for a great little animated Get Him to The Greek promo, they also seem tickled-pink to allow it to evaporate into the ether as if the thing had never even existed...

Hard to believe that the talented folk at Titmouse labored away under director Mike Moloney for two weeks to knock out that lovely bit of flash, and after a couple of showings on Adult Swim the only way to see it
is via some foul footage filmed off a tv like a crappy 50s Kinescope.

Cartoon Brew featured the above clip over a month ago and since then, apart from being spotted in superior quality at Cold Hard Flash, that's the extent of it's web presence. For shame - I'm surprised ol'Carl Laemmle hasn't climbed out of his crypt to give them a diminutive kick in the ass.

Incidentally, a few of us ambled down to the local Odeon last night to see the film itself, and can report that despite a frankly flimsy plot that's as rambling as Brand's rock-star alterego, it's a bit of a giggle with enough charm from all concerned amoung the grossodemy to make it successful Superbad meets Plane Trains & Automobiles style funbags.