Friday, September 17, 2010


Shut your mama-jammering, it's J-Pop Friday here at Poptique...

Who be that? Where it from? Hold your horses and all will be revealed...

First off, the lady in question is Tomomi Sawa, a baby-faced beauty and ex-model who carved out a career as an actress and pop-singer during the closing gasps of the swinging 60's and the bright early days of the slushy 70s.

According to IMDB she only had one movie credit - 1968's 100 Shot, 100 Killed - Goldeneyes - from whence the above clip hailed. More of that later, although some rummaging around has uncovered a few more appearances from today's womanly warbler - notably (and courtesy of Google translator) Receipt High School Outlaw (1972), Market Women to Launch a Night (1969) and the evergreen classic Horse Comic One-Shot Winning Strategy (1968). Whether these are movies, TV shows or just someones idea of a good time is entirely open to question - and if there are better translations of the titles out there I don't wish to know them.

I'm certain a good time would be had by all once I've tracked Goldeneyes down, but save for an unsubtitled (boo!) Japanese DVD which retails the wrong side of £50, it's a tricky title to nab.

100 Shot 100 Killed, Goldeneyes was one of many Bondalikes from the height of the Connery-era 007, this one from top Japanese studio Toho.

Almost inexplicably it received the dodgy dub treatment for a Western release as the brilliantly titled Ironfinger, Booted Babe Busted Boss - but whether it actually made it all the way to the UK circuit is unlikely.

You've gotta admit, that looks like a lot of fun, with pistol-packing perky fems complete with squeaky chipmunk voices, imminent danger from deadly hairdressers and stacks of gun-totting rough and tumble action, despite an apparent lack of booted babes or indeed busted bosses. It's actually a sequel to an earlier Toho action epic - 100 Shot, 100 Killed / Ironfinger - which featured the luverly Mie Hama the year before she co-starred with Sean in You Only Live Twice. So there.

Both films were directed by ever-faithful Jun Fukuda, who also gave us a whole slew of Godzilla movies - including Vs Mechagodzilla - not to mention some episodes the Monkey TV show.

The original 100 Shot 100 Killed received an English overdub too (perhaps in part due to Hama's pre-Bond presence?), but so far has only turned up that way on - of all places - an out-of-print Indian VCD with the print so washed out and faded to red that everyone looked embarrassed by their involvement.

It's well worth tracking down, with a funky score and a fast pace that puts it amoung the best of the Nipponese Bondalikes, with leading man Akira Takarada sporting a devil-may-care attitude whether lumping a bad guy or loving a lady, plus a Hoxton-esque pork-pie hat...

For a wee bit more Tomoni Sawa, click here to hear her go all beach-front Scott Walker, and here for "I Am a Seagull", the type of song you can envision being played as a boss ambles off into the sunset after being well and truly busted....


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