Friday, October 01, 2010


I've found myself unfortunately mired in deadlines over the past two weeks, which has sizeably restricted my ability to do shiz I'd much rather occupy my precious time with.

Rather wisely though, given a creative carte blanche in regards to one project I'm working on I've plumped for a favourite concept - vintage video gaming.

It's soon reached a point, however, where I can only regard the world via a limited colour chart and a tinny synthesised sound system. So, clearly, the very best thing to listen to on a busy-bee 8-bit J-Pop Friday are the perfectly pixelated pop-stars from the Land of the Rising sun, YMCK.

Credit where credit is due, I first heard about the fantastic threesome via PingMag, but since then they have a new album just unleashed in Europe (but not in the UK, by the looks of things), their own 8bit audio generator software and a nifty wee iPhone app I must remember to nab next time I plug the thing in.

So that's all lovely. Back to work, I'm afraid to say...


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