Monday, December 27, 2010

Five Glorious Greenbriar Years

Simply one of the very, very best sites on classic Hollywood, John Mcelwee's Greenbriar Picture Show, has hit it's fifth anniversary this month!

An absolute treasure trove of information on the glory days of American motion pictures - a week does not go by without me paying a visit.

Rather than me gab on about it any further, might I suggest dropping by and watching your day drift away via post after post of astounding illumination of a cinematic era long gone!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Whoopee - White Christmas.

Check it out - tomorrow we're going to have the first genuine white Christmas in who-knows-how-many-flippin years, so whilst my wine is mulled and my fire sided, may I wish one and all a suitably seasonal greeting and a very Merry Christmas!

If this is good enough for Mark Evanier then it's good enough for me.

Nice little vid there, so bully for, and a holiday holler towards animator Joshua Held who utilised a lovely rendition of the perennial festive favourite from Clyde McPhatter - a founder member of the Drifters, no less.

And, what Christmas Eve is complete without...

Certainly not mine. Whatever you're doing tomorrow, have a lovely one.

All the best from Poptique!