Thursday, June 02, 2011


To whole-heartedly half-inch a line from the opening of a doddery old Beatles album, it was 20 years ago today that MTV unleashed Liquid Television. Good ol'Cartoon Brew has alerted Poptique towers to this, and it's brought back a flood of televisual memories from the days when television was a hot-bed of unpredictability, and opposed to the bedraggled flower-bed of mediocrity that large portions are today...

Aeon Flux, Dog Boy, Dangerous Puppets et al - the whole point of the show seemed to be Forest Gump's idiot-philosophy of "never knowing what 'chu gonna get", but with the chocolate box kicked firmly into the poor boob's face, then smeared all over his blank visage.

It was always fun waiting for your favourite segment - mine, unsurprisingly, being the low-fi, high energy Stick Figure Theatre, recycling classic (albeit public domain) droplets of Hollywood history:

Liquid TV was screened in the UK as part of BBC2's post-tea time DEF II "yoof tv" strand, back when I should have been outside playing off my frozen food din dins, instead of being inside vegetating in front of the goggle-box. And just look at what rubbish my mind has helpfully erased - allowing me to wallow in glorious memories of non-stop TV brilliance from days-gone-by:

Ah well, either way - Happy Birthday Liquid TV - we may never see your like again!


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