Sunday, January 01, 2012

Slappy New Year

Happy New Year to all visitors past and future to old Poptique!

What indeed does 2012 have instore for us..?

As long as the world doesn't conk it, as the Mayan's supposedly reckoned, I think we should be in for a goodun'. (plus, since the Mayan's failed to predict their own conking, I can't see why we should take their word for anything...)

It's come to my attention that the Christmas message I thought I'd posted didn't actually get onto this site in the end. Had you been witness to my epic struggle to cut the thing together and send out around 40 odd unique cards to various personages on Christmas Eve afternoon, when I should have been making merry instead, you would be more forgiving of my festive tardiness.

It comes to you courtesy of myself and Persistent Peril - hope you
had a very merry Christmas!


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