Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who's Yehudi?

Flying violins, star burst effects, out-of-this-world choreography, and obscene day-glo leather jumpsuits held together with gaffa-tape?

Here's something to delight and offend your ears and eyes in equal measure...

I expect you're no doubt you're champing at the bit to find out what sort of plot is draped around solid gold musical numbers such as that? How about one that kicks off with the love-lorn lead (Kamal Haasan) attempting a mountain-top suicide with his current squeeze (he survives, she bites the biscuit) and climaxes with the same chap driving off into the distance with the beguiling
Srividya, who's been chasing him the whole picture, in an exploding car.

Good stuff the producers of this 1986 Tamil romance that mixes Romeo & Juliet with Fame and Staying Alive decided to stick some eye-popping fun in between two such downbeat bookends.

I'm not a big fan of post-70s Bollywood - give me trumpety RD Burman over composer Ilaiyaraja in synth-mode anyday, I'm sorry to say. But, it's still quite beguiling to see the versitile Haasan, here looking like a cross between a Nighthawks-era Sly Stallone and Al Pacino in Carlito's Way, glide around to what sounds to my illeducated ears like the soundtrack to a Sega Megadrive game...


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