Friday, October 24, 2008


Whilst at times it may seem I've abandoned the Poptique blog it's purely a misunderstanding - I'm just very busy working! I remain astounded by all the bloggers who can turn out article after article on a weekly, sometimes daily basis when I struggle summon up the energy to knock out one or two a month.

Since the hundredth post should surely be the cause for something special I thought it might be a change to showcase some of my own work, instead of some outrageous output from an Asian shanty town...

Poptique is my company identity as well as this blog's title. I'm a Creative Producer working in London and I write, produce and edit variety of content for broadcast channels in the UK. One of them - - also commissioned me to produce Cult45, my very own exploitation film show, which aired earlier this year to great critical success and a viewership of at least 28 people (I know this because I got 28 lovely emails regarding the show). The final cuts of the episodes will all be available online by the end of the year.

Freelancing for afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with some amazingly talented individuals - most notably animators Cyriak Harris, Elliot Cowan, and Dylan Lategan, illustrator Sarah Hopson and Vincent Tempest (who personally represented my entire production crew on Cult45) alongside temporarily retired co-presenter Emma Bain. Hats off to all of them :)


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