Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mind That Child! More Whippywatch Wonders!

Whippywatch must surely be the gift that keeps on giving - with a seemingly endless parade of poorly daubed Ice Cream Vans patrolling the streets of London every summer.

For shit-spotters it's a non-stop festival of freaky faced Mickeys and deformed Donalds - so here's a few more gems I've handpicked for your viewing pleasure whilst lolly-gagging around the South Bank this month...

Caution Children - ice cream can cause jollity, strange stances and impossible feats of physicality.

Proof positive that model sheets can come in handy.

Bold claims from another collection of crappily rendered cartoon stars...

Good to see Bugs Bunny making an appearance for the Looney Tunes team, scaring off a massively oversized Tweety.

Fist man clenches angrily at the sight of a childhood favourite so poorly captured.

Less Pooh, more shite.


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