Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Shameless Swine Flu Cash In!

Since everyone is going Swine Flu crazy I thought it's high time I cashed in with an old ident I produced with Cyriak for use on the now defunct Sumo.tv, retitled in reference to the eponymous pandemic.

It's a barefaced, shameless and desperate attempt to drum up some hits for my neglected Poptiquepresents Youtube account, after my previously well-subscribed Poptique channel was unceremoniously ejected after some ne'erdowell dobbed me into ther powers that be for posting some obscure Bollywood clipets.

I'm confident that this woe begotten grasp at regaining a once healthy viewership will end in despondency and disappointment - so lets sit back and see the video amp up the hits!

Update - three weeks later and it's gained a grand total of 104 extra hits. Bugger.


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