Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brand & Ross BBC Ballyhoo

Certain personages with a political axes to grind love to jump on our cherished BBC at every given opportunity. Certainly, they produce a fair share of shite, but don't we all? They've also knocked out some of the most amazing television and radio the world has ever seen over the years too, you know, and continue to do so...

One of the most ridiculous witch-hunts in recent memory was kicked off by the irreverent Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross calling ex-comedy waiter Andrew Sachs for a prearranged telephone interview. When Sach's answering machine clicked on instead of the absent man himself, the duo proceeded to leave some ramshackle, rather rude, but still highly amusing (for us listeners) messages in regards to the actor's grand-daughter and her possible sexual relations with the aforementioned Brand.

Over one humdrum week later and all hell has suddenly broken loose - Mr Sach's agent has made hay whilst blurting out they've complained to Aunty Beeb allowing Conservative bods & tabloids to jump on the band wagon, calling for the presenters heads, bellowing that senior BBC figures be bundled out the back door and the 25 year old "school-boy" producer be dragged through the cobbled streets, flogged with thorny bushes and dumped in the deep end of the Thames.

Taking a gander at the (no doubt fine and upstanding) Mr Sach's grand-daughter allows one to see immediately see what effect this sorry affair must have had on her once sheltered existence... Her Myspace page currently greets visitors with a hearty - "f*ck p~ss b#gger arse f"ck t$rd r&pe shyte, yeah that's right". Free speech in full, and some might say, glorious effect.

She looks like she'll have a whale of a time off the back of this, but really, this is officially the most pointless BBC scandal to date...


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