Saturday, September 19, 2009


Garrrrrrr - it be Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey and that's the extent of sea-faring shiz you'll get from me in this post.

Over at the Cardfish site where those happy-go-lucky folk
have me in charge of commissioning I gave artist Sarah Hopson and grandmaster-flash Phil Bower the opportunity to celebrate this one-of-a-kind event with a Cardfish eCard that let's you paste your mug or a mate's onto a Peg-legged Pirate who jigs, dances and - surprise, surprise - talks just like a genuine flippin' pirate!

There's a little mutinous twist I added to the mix, plus some extra bits and bobs and the voice of the characters supplied by yours-truly. Pop over there and send someone you love (or conversely, can't stand) a Cardfish to celebrate this frankly ridiculous day! (Once it's gone you can send Birthday or Get Well Soon versions of the same card, so it's not all been a terrible waste!).

(While you're at it, this weekend is your last chance to vote for the E4 award nominated game I also let them get away with - the supremely satisfying Hamsters Vs Aliens!)


Blogger See Bee said...

oh i love the idea of such a day! did u know facebook has a lnaguage setting where u can talk like a pirate?

arr! that be right matey!

5:06 AM  

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