Friday, January 14, 2011

Green Hornies

Don't say I didn't warn you, but the Seth Rogan, Michael Gondry and Stephen Chow-less Green Hornet movie is out this week. I saw a great 3D preview at the San Diego Comic Con back in July last year, but the buzz around the release hasn't exactly been superb since...

If you decide to give it a miss, what better way to enjoy a no doubt wet weekend, but with possibly the most obscure, (and conceivably the most enjoyable) big-screen incarnation of the Green Hornet ever committed to celluloid!

This is a film that thoroughly thumbs it's nose in the direction of coherency, and laughs in the face of logic - shooting off in a different direction whenever it's fancy is taken.

Another lead-role the ever-loving Bruce Li (possibly my second favourite of all the Bruceploitation Leealikes) it's starts off with it's star in Kato mode, before sticking him in street garb for the majority of the movie. With sidekick in tow, he's out to fight for the rights of a young hottie and her kidnapped father - along the way facing the Asian Charles Bronson and his two African assistants, all of whom have been hired by the underlings of some ginger Euro-trashed ├╝bervillian.

Just as Brucie finally bashes "Superman" to a pulp, in a particularly brutal confrontation, he remembers he's still got the Chris Evans lookalike to perform a beatdown on. Via a jump cut Jean Luc Godard would have been proud of, he suddenly changes into bright read long johns, taking to the skies and becoming "The Green Hornet" himself. Perhaps the Kato costume had already been returned to the rental shop by this point and no-one had a green overcoat handy...

If all of this makes little or know sense and shows a distinct disregard for the source material, one must put themselves in the position of the potential audience for this film - for whom accuracy meant nothing as long as there was a fight every fifteen minutes.

A beautifully badly dubbed jaw-dropper - ages ago we selected it as a pilot for a mash-up project entitled They Call Him Bruce, where each week a different Bruceploitation epic would be cut down, chopped up and spewed out as a half-hour phantasmagoria of re-animated exploitation goodness.

The fact that particular format hasn't bothered you late on a Friday night should be a good indication of the success of the show...


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