Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nothing Is Impossible - Zakhmee (1975)

Screeching, feedbacking guitars? Check. Shexy Go-Go chicks? Check. Deep-voiced sun-shaded dudes sporting magnificent moustaches? You best believe it to be so.

A sort of Bollywood interpretation of Z-man's freak-out happening from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, what "Nothing Is Impossible", from 1975's Zakhmee, ain't got I don't want.

Zakhmee was an ass-whupping starring role for actor, director, future member of Parliament and the generally very decent Sunil Dutt, plus provided a break-through role for 70s sex-pot Reena Roy - a glamour girl who'd been going down a storm in a few steamy films previous to this madcap tale of the unjustly accused and incarcerated Dutt wreaking revenge on his bastard betrayers. Roy plays the headstrong, hotrod-straddling daughter of a judge who holds the key to Dutt's rehabilitation, and hit another high point the following year, with an award nominated headline performance in Snake & Revenge epic Nagin.

(a better quality version of the same number is six minutes into
here, but you might have to sit through some awful advert to get to it...)

Back to Zahkmee, which features jaw-dropping 70s duds, astoundingly funky lounge-lizard pads, eye-bleeding back-projected chases and even squeezes in a festive sing along, before sliding into a dreamy melody courtesy of Bappi Lahiri, with playback from the legendary Lata Mangeshkar.

So, certainly a film with something for everyone, including a some very respectable fisticuffs and fair serving of sleaze, with a particularly kinky sequence featuring everyone's favourite vamp, the ever-loving Helen playing the proverbial gangsters moll, getting a bit fruity with a switchblade and a rabid crowd of ruffians egging her on...

Zakhmee can be bagged from a variety of sources - including VCDs and DVDs from Eros and Shemaroo - although the latter slaps a logo over image; the scoundrels!


Blogger Beth Loves Bollywood said...

WHYYYYY haven't I seen this? Too fab. I just discovered Charas, which I think you would love if you haven't already seen it: very Bond with a fantastic villain warehouse, under-the-sea themed nightclub, Dharmendra in disguises, etc. I'm so glad you found me on twitter, and now that I'm following you as well I hope I can keep myself more up to date with your shenanigans.
- Beth Loves Bollywood

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