Wednesday, June 28, 2006

SUPERMAN RETURNS - Bryan Singer, 2006.

Superman has Returned and to celebrate here is some genuine Superman Pasteurised Process Imitation Cheese Spread! Bon Appetite!

This is a pretty big event, especially for a slightly reformed Comic Book Fan like myself. Superman may have been far from a massive favourite, but I always had the utmost respect for his unequalled place in the annals of comic book history. (But you've got to admit - an all-powerful chap with his initial blazoned across his chest, able to run faster than a speeding bullet and the like, - but afraid of little green rocks?).

Superman Returns perfectly illustrates how the film industry has gone full circle since the Golden Age of Hollywood, when all ol' Supes had to his name was a series of outstanding animated cartoons and some energetic, cheap jack, but loveable B-Movie serials. Now the Big Man is the star of perhaps the most expensive film ever made. Yup - times change...

Doing their bit towards the new movie, "This Is Pop Culture" is housing a gallery of Superman Memorabila from the last 60 years. Pop over there to witness an incredible collection of power-packed paraphernalia!


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