Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Still almost entirely wrapped up in work at the moment, so perceptive pop-culture pontification from my good self has ground to a halt over the last few weeks. Somehow I'm working as a sort of animator, which is strange turn of events considering I have no training, skill or discernable talent in this medium.

Whilst looking for the loading screen from a ye olde 48k Sinclair Spectrum for a particular project I encountered someone who most definitely has. Just how this lovely if somewhat unsettling trip down memory lane was achieved I could scarcely guess at - but it's rather good whatever way you look at it.

(For those with far too much time on their hands, I did finally locate a Spectrum loading screen here. R Tape Loading error indeed.)


Blogger Animated AF said...

That clip was fantastic. Made me all giddy inside =D

6:36 AM  

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