Friday, August 25, 2006

STRAWBERRY LIES - Adam Buxton on YouTube.

Aside from being a forum for individuals to argue over the authenticity of Lonelygirl15 and her kin, sites like Youtube are fast becoming the repository of choice for captured glimpses of pop-culture past. Momentarily discounting the obviously muddy waters of copyright, the wealth of material that fans and enthusiasts have posted on Youtube and it's manifold competitors makes them a treasure trove for bon vivants of vintage crapola like my good self.

In a televisual world where more choice has led to - ahem - less choice it's always a pleasure to enjoy moments from tubular times past without feckless c-list buffoons spouting randomly scripted recaps all over them.

Better still, rather than allow illicit uploads of their handiwork some enlightened individuals are actively embracing this brave new medium and putting the rest to shame.
Adam Buxton, one half of small screen satirists Adam & Joe, has been quietly uploading some original work on the aformentioned tube, along with a few hard to find moments from vintage shows produced for the UK Channel Four, prior to the network abandoning virtually all semblance of originality and keeping the same four or five presenters in constant rotation. (a point illustrated eloquently below:)

Considering Adam & Joe were among the original pioneers of User Generated Content (or UGC to those in the know) it's only right and proper that Buxton's fantastic work garners a new and international audience through Youtube - especially since Adam & Joe themselves haven't had a series together on air since the sublime Go Tokyo from Jonathan Ross' Hot Sauce productions in 2003.

One can only hope that in an industry currently going UGC insane we'll see the two of them fronting a definitive look at the phenomenon, instead of just welcome contributions from Adam on the sometimes patchy Time Trumpet and IT Crowd, plus the magnificent Screenwipe - one of the best shows on and about television.

Either way, work as brilliant as this was born to be shared :

If any of this has tickled your fancy, why not find further use for your eyes and ears by enjoying their Xfm Podcasts or purchasing their epic DVD, compiling the finest moments from the original Adam & Joe Show. Stone the crows, for under six quid - you'd have to be a fool or a cad to pass it up!


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I rented that Adam and Joe DVD just recently. Bought back some pleasent memories!

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