Wednesday, December 19, 2007

CULT45 - it's already here...

Poptique hasn't taken over your airwaves - it's just nuzzling in a little corner of them...

Sneaking out just before Christmas and keeping you warm all winter long, Cult45 is basically a TV version of the Poptique blog - and a touch more regular to boot!

If you're in the UK and have access to satellite television Cult45 is playing out every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday thanks to the wonderful peeps at

It's broadcast at 11pm & 2am on channel 144 for the next six weeks and will be available for viewing online pretty soon...

I'll be dropping more info on the series over the next few weeks - if you're able to, please tune in!


Blogger See Bee said...

haha - thats cute!

in india we have a tv hannel called sony pix that shows sum really weird old movies that no one would care about. but i can't say its the same cos it also shows sum reallllllllllllly good old movies.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Judge Onions said...

hey there,

i came across yr prog on sumo, needless to say i have now series-linked the rest of the series!

im a big fan of weird, bizarre and obscure movies and love finding out about stuff that ive never heard of, and love watching trailers for these things - its a good little show and quite refreshing to have a presenter that actually knows/has a love for exploitation /cult cinema, rather than some rent-a-gob!

keep it up dude!

9:14 AM  

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