Saturday, February 16, 2008

INDIANA JONES and the alternative trailer scandal thing...

Little bit of a fan boy hoo hah kicking off in the regards to the new Indiana Jones trailer, which has caught my attention today. No big deal, just strange editing decisions to conform with ratings standards and a great way of flushing a bag of cash down the drain.

All the low down can be found here, as reported on Ain't It Cool News. The long & short is this: an American trailer for the movie has the Stars & Stripes slapped over the top and a shot of Indy & new chum Ray Winstone digitally fiddled with to remove a brace of machine guns pointing at the duo.

I must admit it seemed like a rather lacklustre shot to include in a trailer which relaunches a franchise - at least now it's inclusion makes much more sense, when viewed in the version those of us outside the US will get.

Now, it's nothing to get angry about - just a bloomin' trailer afterall - but it does seem a very odd thing to do (despite the fact that it was premiered alongside kiddie fantasy flick The Spiderwick Cronicles). Hard to see who's being protected by expensively erasing guns in a comic book movie trailer when TV screens must be full of horrendous real life stuff like this...

Those with too much time on their hands can check the shiz below:


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