Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick Whip-around With Indiana Jones

Any franchise with such solid pop-culture credentials as Indiana Jones comes complete a flood-tide of merchendise hitting the shelves, but here in the UK there only seems to be a smattering. Aside from the nifty new Lego sets, some Panini-style stickers and kiddie-aimed comics only thing I've witnessed on a regular basis are Crystal Skull scratch cards. Not being a hard-bitten gambler at heart I've rarely dabbled in the murky world of the National Lottery, but the buggers have hooked me in with these Indy cards (especially after I won £20 on a Raiders one...).

The commercial, screening on TV and in cinemas before the actual movie, features Sean Cameron Michael as "Indiana Jones" - and surely it's no mere coincidence that he played a similar role in this year's Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls, from notorious knock off agents Asylum...

When it comes to Indy produce it's a different tale in the US, as this rather bitter blogger informs us (He makes some fair points , but it would have been nicer if he didn't beg for gold stars at the end of it... )

Advertisers have always been looking to make a quick buck or two off the back of the franchise - as far back as the original films Terry's Chocolate Oranges were flogged Indy style in this fondly remembered series....

Wrangler Jeans did the same thing with ten times the budget but hardly any of the charm - although I must admit that being chased by a giant head is a pretty swish idea...


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