Sunday, June 07, 2009

Whippywatch 2009

Summer has hit London with a vengeance in recent weeks, with record temperatures making commuters wilt and tube taking travel a last ditch option. Such luverly weather brings one welcome site to our nation's capital - that of Ice Cream Vans of the Mr Whippy variety, adorned in a slapdash manner with grotesque, copyright thumb-nosing images of famous animated stars!

I can't get enough flipping 99 Flake dealing Whippies covered in ill-shaped illustrations - they take me back to a childhood free of
corporate control, where even officially licensed annuals, comic books and food-products featured freakishly deformed versions of your favourite cartoon heroes.

Oddly out-of-proportion, sugar-crazed characters are the order of the day - Disney stars being a favourite, no doubt due to their ease of cack-handed copy-ability. Other studio's cartoon celebrities appear less often - but when they do it's a joy to behold.

A recent personal favourite was a spotted slopped aside a "Soft Whip" van - with a particularly jobby Jerry going serial-killer crazy over an ice-cream brandished by animated adversary Tom.

Rest assured Poptique will be keeping a beady eye out for more manky Mickeys and tatty Tweetys as the summer months march on!


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