Tuesday, October 31, 2006

(from poptique)

Hope you've had, (or are still having) a fun-packed Halloween this year - if you've been in a celebratory state of mind I'm assuming it's involved spook-shows and/or boozie-doos, since you're all far too old to go trick and treating...

Not one to let such a heavily commercialised event go un-noticed I thought I'd post some gorgeous, kitschy 1970s Haunted House badges. Sorry to report I've no idea which Haunted House they're referring to as I neglected to ask when I bagged them from a cousin in the 80s. Back then, it those pre-digital days it was still the norm for kids to collect at least one utterly useless item, so badges became my drug of choice for many years. I still have a couple of over-sized candy tins stuffed full of pins which I haven't looked at in years - who knows what horrors lurk inside?

There you go - haunted houses, horrors, candy etc. - it all links in beautifully, don't you think? Oh well, please yourself...


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