Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Helen boogies with Old Saint Nick from KALICHARAN (1976)

At this festive time of year Santa Claus turns up in some of the most unlikely places, but in a Bollywood production starring the one and only H-Bomb? Who'da thunk it?

Kalicharan is your typical 70s Bollywood thriller with the hero disguising himself as a funky n'er-do-well in order to infiltrate the organisation of a nefarious gangster (complete with Blofeldesque canine accompaniment).

It's hardly classic stuff and Helen's festive frolic is certainly the highlight; including as it does, a wild party, grotesque masks, an all-dancing Mariachi band armed with plastic space guns and some supremely raucous licks from composers Kalyanji Anandji. Their score lifts liberally from Western influences - the opening theme being a blatant rip of John Barry's Girl With the Sun in her Hair (from a 60s shampoo commercial no less!).

For the curious and adventurous amoung you the movie is available on VCD and DVD from UltraIndia.


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